Impact Clubs WEEK ONE!

What an amazing first week of Impact Clubs! Check out daily recaps and photo galleries below!

Day One

Despite the hot weather, we had ten kids come out to our club and two salvations! Praise God! As soon as we arrived at the club location, a mom saw our parachute and matching T-shirts and yelled to her kids that "Hope for Kids is here!" It's so awesome to be recognized by the community we are reaching.

Day Two

As we pulled into our location for the week, kids and teens came from every direction waving at our cars--all it took was one day for the word to get out that we are here!

It was even hotter than yesterday as we drove to Club, and Kiannah prayed for a little rain to cool us all down. Her prayers were ANSWERED. After only half an hour of hanging out and playing with the kids, we started to get hit with raindrops and heard thunder in the distance but we weren't ready to leave yet! Even when the rain picked up and started steadily pouring, we powered through our club with a song, prayer teaching, and an amazing Bible lesson and skit. A bunch of the leaders held a parachute over the kids' heads which soon turned into two layers of parachutes and then three when rain kept leaking through! It was nice that our actors' skit costumes (which are made out of dollar store tablecloths) also double as rain ponchos--but everyone was completely soaked by the end of the Bible lesson.

Before we left, Josh and Jeb gave the Gospel to several new kids. Jeb found the registration table for shelter from the rain and our leaders held a kiddie pool over Josh's group! Despite all the distractions, two souls were added to the kingdom of God today--there was definitely a reason we needed to stick around today!

Day Three

We had the most kids yet turn out to be a part of Club, and three of these sweet kids got saved. Praise God! We're learning that our new Bible lesson format helps these kids stay super engaged with what we are teaching! Maddy did an awesome job teaching today's Bible lesson. Several of the kids we hung out with while the older guys played basketball could quote almost word for word what they were learning about the story of Joseph! All the time and effort the team put into learning lessons and practicing skits is paying off.

Day Four

Caleb finished out the story of Joseph, we hung out with these awesome kids, and the guys did an awesome job playing basketball! One little boy gave his life to Jesus. We are so thankful for all the salvations this week--these children are experiencing true hope and all the glory goes to God! Thank you so much for your support of these clubs. Our team can't wait to head to a new location on Monday and flood another neighborhood with God's love and hope!

ICT 2018: last day!

DAY FIVE of Impact Clubs finished yesterday and with that, our summer ministry training camp for this year came to a close. We are so unbelievably proud of this team. We had a practice club yesterday attended by kids from First Baptist and Hope for Kids, and our team hit it out of the park! All their training this week has already started paying off, and we are so excited to head into Springfield with our Impact Clubs program in just two days. Please be praying for the team as they continue to pour themselves into ministry this summer. Check out this year's training camp video and Day Five's photo gallery below!

Impact Clubs Training Day Four!

Day Four was the best day yet at Impact Clubs Training! Some highlights of today: our awesome skit practice (watch it here!),  tons of completed evaluations from our hardworking team, a heart-to-heart testimony time in our Regroup devotions tonight, and watching Joseph: King of Dreams as a team! This team has been put together by the Lord with an amazing purpose for this summer and there is no doubt about that.

Impact Clubs Training Day Three!

Day Three was amazing! It's been so cool seeing this team work together. Our team practice time, lessons, skits, Bible verses, songs, and everything else we've been working on has been coming together so well! Today was jam-packed: a Bible class from Brianna and Josh, teamwork-building obstacle courses in game class, an ultimate frisbee game, tons of completed evaluations for Bible lessons and verse teachings, an incredible dinner from our friends the Hoods, an awesome devotion time with Pastor Matt, and a dance-off! (Keep an eye out for the video at the end of the week for proof!)

Wednesdays can often be a stressful day of ICT, but today was blessed with so much peace and unity within our team. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! Please continue to hold us up as we finish this week strong!

Impact Clubs Training Day Two!

DAY TWO of Impact Clubs Training is over! The team worked so hard today, completing more evaluations, working on skits, choreographing songs, and building relationships with each other. What an awesome couple of days this has already been--we can't wait to see what God has in store for the rest of this week and this summer! Thank you for keeping our team in your prayers!

Impact Clubs Training Day One!

Impact Clubs Training Day One is in the books! These teens and young adults got evaluated on their Wordless Book presentations, learned how to act out a Bible lesson, and had an amazing lunch from Chick-Fil-A of Chicopee thanks to Hope for Kids board member Robert Hewes!

We are so thankful for each and every one of these "ICTers". They are pouring their energy into learning tons of new teaching material this week and will be giving so much of their summer to reach Springfield with the Gospel.

Kids Club at the Hope for Kids Den!

We had such a great time this past Thursday at the last week of our brand-new Kids Club program! Teens from Pioneer Valley Christian Academy provided dinner for everyone and helped lead the event, and we were able to give away huge bags of popcorn to all the kids thanks to a generous donation from the Springfield Rescue Mission! We are looking forward to running this Kids Club again beginning in the 2018-2019 school year. Check out pictures from this awesome night below!


Weekly Recap | May 20-26


This was an awesome week here at Hope for Kids! On Sunday, we celebrated two birthdays at Hope for Kids Family Church. Getting to see the kids who attend almost every week instead of just once a month is so awesome. Not only are we getting to know them, but they are getting to know us. We have real friendships with these kids and they know they can trust us. God's love makes all the difference!

On Tuesday and Thursday, the Hope for Kids Den was full of teens and kids. We only have one more week of our "pilot" clubs at our new building, but we can't wait to launch our after-school programs at full force in the 2018-2019 school year.

There's never a dull moment at our Thursday night kids program! Check out how the kids learned about Jesus walking on water on Thursday night below.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.44.54 PM.png

On Friday night, we got together with some of our Impact Clubs team. Any opportunity we have to hang out and strengthen relationships within our team is always a great time! We can't wait to serve together this summer and reach even more kids with the Gospel. Learn more about our 2018 Impact Clubs here!

The latest from Hope for Kids!

So much is happening here at Hope for Kids! Between finalizing plans for summer ministry, finishing out our six-week teens and kids programs, and moving our office from Hampden to our new building in Indian Orchard, our days have been packed. We are so excited to see all that God has planned for these next few months. Please keep our team in your prayers as we wait on Him! 


Volunteer Shoutout: Hannah

This week's #HFKvolunteers shoutout goes to Hannah Person, one of our Impact Clubs Training graduates! At this month's Club Hope event last Saturday, she stepped up and did a great job keeping track of the kids in her group throughout the day. It's been awesome getting to see her growing as a leader and building relationships with these kids. Thank you for all you do, Hannah! The Hope for Kids family would not be the same without you.


Get involved!

One of the best ways to connect with kids in Springfield is bringing them to a HFK church service or after school event. Once you bring the kids to an event, you will have an awesome opportunity to spend time with them and build relationships as they participate in our planned programming. Please let us know if you are interested in being a part of our transportation team and a Hope for Kids staff member will help you schedule pick up and drop off with a family.


"I want to be a teacher when I grow up. Teachers help you know what to do. I like my teachers."

"No word from God will ever fail." - Luke 1:37

The Hope for Kids Den

Hope for Kids has been given an incredible gift. Although we have been dreaming that God would make it possible for us to open a building a few years down the road, He has opened the door for Hope for Kids to have our very own building this year. 

A few weeks ago, The Lion's Den, a ministry based out of Indian Orchard in Springfield, contacted Pastor Matt and asked for a meeting. This seemed completely out of the blue, but God had a plan! The Lion's Den has had a presence in the Springfield area for almost twenty years, accomplishing a mission similar to ours as they reached children with the Gospel and built relationships with the kids who were a part of their programs. Now, many of their kids have "aged out" of the Lion's Den's target age group and a lot of their volunteers have moved on. They were ready to pass on their mission, building, supporters, and community connections to a ministry that could pick up where they left off: and they called Hope for Kids.

This new building in the Indian Orchard area brings so many new opportunities for our ministry. God opened this door in His perfect timing and we cannot wait to flood this building with kids who are ready to hear about Him! Please be praying for our team as we begin renovating this building and work through the details of exactly how God would have us use this space. We are so grateful for this incredible gift.