ICT 2018: last day!

DAY FIVE of Impact Clubs finished yesterday and with that, our summer ministry training camp for this year came to a close. We are so unbelievably proud of this team. We had a practice club yesterday attended by kids from First Baptist and Hope for Kids, and our team hit it out of the park! All their training this week has already started paying off, and we are so excited to head into Springfield with our Impact Clubs program in just two days. Please be praying for the team as they continue to pour themselves into ministry this summer. Check out this year's training camp video and Day Five's photo gallery below!

The Hope for Kids Den IN ACTION!

On June 16, we held a dedication service at the Hope for Kids Den! We are so thankful for each volunteer from Hope for Kids who came to support this new part of our ministry. We were also blessed by several volunteers who worked with The Lion's Den when they owned our building--it was amazing to hear stories of God's faithfulness through the years within these walls! Pictures from this awesome night will be coming soon.

Check out this video recapping what God has already done in three short months at the Hope for Kids Den.

Weekly Recap | May 20-26


This was an awesome week here at Hope for Kids! On Sunday, we celebrated two birthdays at Hope for Kids Family Church. Getting to see the kids who attend almost every week instead of just once a month is so awesome. Not only are we getting to know them, but they are getting to know us. We have real friendships with these kids and they know they can trust us. God's love makes all the difference!

On Tuesday and Thursday, the Hope for Kids Den was full of teens and kids. We only have one more week of our "pilot" clubs at our new building, but we can't wait to launch our after-school programs at full force in the 2018-2019 school year.

There's never a dull moment at our Thursday night kids program! Check out how the kids learned about Jesus walking on water on Thursday night below.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 12.44.54 PM.png

On Friday night, we got together with some of our Impact Clubs team. Any opportunity we have to hang out and strengthen relationships within our team is always a great time! We can't wait to serve together this summer and reach even more kids with the Gospel. Learn more about our 2018 Impact Clubs here!

Club Hope | May 2018

This weekend, Hope for Kids hosted our final Club Hope of the 2017-2018 season.

We are so grateful to the volunteers who poured so much energy into every event this year. Hope is happening in Springfield because of your work with these children! Lives are being changed as the love of Jesus is poured into young hearts and minds through your service and relationships with these kids.

This month, we asked the Hope for Kids family about their favorite part of this Club Hope year. Check it out in this month's video below!

Thanks to Tim Gavrilov for photographing this event for us! Check out photos from this weekend below.

Club Hope | April 2018

Club Hope this Saturday was awesome! This month, the kids learned about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and the fear of the future. We are so thankful for every volunteer who came out to make this event possible. Every child who attended had a chance to hear about how much God loves them as the Hope for Kids family invested in their lives. Check out the video and photo gallery below.

VOLUNTEERS: to sign up for our final Club Hope of the 2017-2018 school year, please click here!

The Hope for Kids Den

Hope for Kids has been given an incredible gift. Although we have been dreaming that God would make it possible for us to open a building a few years down the road, He has opened the door for Hope for Kids to have our very own building this year. 

A few weeks ago, The Lion's Den, a ministry based out of Indian Orchard in Springfield, contacted Pastor Matt and asked for a meeting. This seemed completely out of the blue, but God had a plan! The Lion's Den has had a presence in the Springfield area for almost twenty years, accomplishing a mission similar to ours as they reached children with the Gospel and built relationships with the kids who were a part of their programs. Now, many of their kids have "aged out" of the Lion's Den's target age group and a lot of their volunteers have moved on. They were ready to pass on their mission, building, supporters, and community connections to a ministry that could pick up where they left off: and they called Hope for Kids.

This new building in the Indian Orchard area brings so many new opportunities for our ministry. God opened this door in His perfect timing and we cannot wait to flood this building with kids who are ready to hear about Him! Please be praying for our team as we begin renovating this building and work through the details of exactly how God would have us use this space. We are so grateful for this incredible gift. 

Club Hope | February 2018

Club Hope this month was amazing! The kids had so much fun hanging out with our awesome volunteers. We learned about Paul and Silas and how with God, we can FEARLESSly tell the truth! Thank you so much to each and every volunteer who made this awesome event possible.

Volunteers, do you have a story of hope that happened at this month's Club Hope event? Did you see a child affected by the hope of the Gospel? Did you connect with your small group in a new way? Did you witness a funny moment? Email to share your story of hope! Check out #HFKsharehope to read other volunteers' stories!

Watch this month's slideshow highlighting the 8-9 girls small group and click through the photo gallery below!

Club Hope | January 2018

This Saturday, so many wonderful volunteers came together to make this month's Club Hope event a success. Each child who came enjoyed a delicious meal, learned about how to overcome the fear of bullying through the story of Esther, and built relationships through some super fun games. Volunteers, please sign up today for next month's event here!

Check out the pictures and video from this weekend below!