Impact Hope

Impact Clubs WEEK FOUR!

Week Four of Impact Clubs was incredible. Our team reached another location very close to the Hope for Kids Den. We met so many new families that will be in walking distance of our building throughout the school year, allowing them to easily be a part of all the exciting new programming that our ministry will be starting this fall! We had more than ten salvations this week and we are so thankful. All glory goes to God! The real HOPE of His love and salvation reached Springfield this summer in amazing ways.

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Impact Clubs WEEK THREE!

Week Three of Impact Clubs was a very strategic week of Clubs for Hope for Kids as our location is right across the street from the Hope for Kids Den! Most of the families we met this week will have the chance to walk to HFK Church on Sundays and attend programs throughout the school year, because their close proximity to our building takes away the major issue of finding transportation. On Sunday after this week of clubs we had two new families join us! God is doing some amazing things in Indian Orchard!

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Day One


We had 23 kids come out to join us and SEVEN salvations--we are praising God for what He is doing in this neighborhood! Our team did a great job telling the story of Joseph, and most importantly, clearly presenting the Gospel. Many of these kids heard about Jesus for the first time on Monday.

Day Two


After Clubs were cancelled on Tuesday due to thunderstorms and heavy rain, we were so excited to get back into action with DAY TWO on Wednesday! We had a LOT of new kids come out to Club! We are reaching a park this week which means kids from all over the area come out to play and see us on the parachute. We had two more salvations yesterday and we are so thankful to God!

Day Three

Another awesome day of Impact Clubs! It's been a little complicated to keep kids' attention at this week's park, but our Bible lesson was definitely the highlight of this club! Even if some of the kids had wandered away during the beginning of club, when they saw our team getting ready to act out the story, they all flooded to the parachute! One little girl was taking notes during Club and wrote down all the names of the leaders so she could remember us...these kids are just as excited to get to know us as we are to get to know them! Basketball is another highlight of this week of Clubs--Team HFK has been doing great!

Day Four

The last day of Impact Clubs Week Three was awesome! We can’t wait to get to know the kids in this area even better through Hope for Kids Family Church—several families are planning on joining us on Sundays! Thank you for all of your prayers over this week. 💚

Impact Clubs WEEK TWO!

Another incredible week of Impact Clubs! Thank you for all your prayers over this week. We're in this together! This weekend, please be praying for our upcoming week of clubs--this will be our first strategic outreach into the Indian Orchard area near our new building and every family we connect with will likely be brand new to Hope for Kids. God has so much in store for our team and our ministry and we can't wait to see what He will do next week!

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We had an amazing time reconnecting with a lot of kids we know at this location and meeting some new families. Our team did a great job leading this club despite many distractions and a couple technical difficulties and we are so proud of them! One little girl gave her life to Jesus and all the kids who attended heard about how much God loves them.


Fourteen kids came to hang out with us during club and even more showed up to play basketball and jump rope! This location is another place we have been for several years and yesterday we got to talk to a few parents we've met over the years. These clubs are one of the best ways for Hope for Kids to build credibility with the families as we show up right in their community and show God's love to their children!

Your prayers were answered and there were a lot fewer distractions at this club--although at one point in our club there were firecrackers being set off on one side of the neighborhood and a metal trashcan being hit with a hammer on the other side! 😂We're working with a lot of younger kids at these clubs and their attention spans tend to be a lot shorter, but we serve an awesome God who can work out all the details for the truth of His Word to sink into their little hearts! 

Day Three

Our Day Three club was quite chaotic, but amongst all the distractions, we are praising God for two salvations yesterday, and many more children who heard the Gospel!

Day Four

So many children came out to our club on Day Four--there were about 30 children and parents listening during the Bible lesson and Gospel presentation! God answered our prayers, removing a few of the distractions and drawing so many kids to hear about Him. Our friendships with these sweet kids are continuing to grow and we are so thankful for all God has done. 

Day Five

The final day of Week Two was awesome! This week was definitely a little tougher than the first week for a lot of different reasons, but God is working in this neighborhood. We met so many new kids who can't wait to get connected to Hope for Kids through our weekly church service and our school year programs!

Impact Clubs WEEK ONE!

What an amazing first week of Impact Clubs! Check out daily recaps and photo galleries below!

Day One

Despite the hot weather, we had ten kids come out to our club and two salvations! Praise God! As soon as we arrived at the club location, a mom saw our parachute and matching T-shirts and yelled to her kids that "Hope for Kids is here!" It's so awesome to be recognized by the community we are reaching.

Day Two

As we pulled into our location for the week, kids and teens came from every direction waving at our cars--all it took was one day for the word to get out that we are here!

It was even hotter than yesterday as we drove to Club, and Kiannah prayed for a little rain to cool us all down. Her prayers were ANSWERED. After only half an hour of hanging out and playing with the kids, we started to get hit with raindrops and heard thunder in the distance but we weren't ready to leave yet! Even when the rain picked up and started steadily pouring, we powered through our club with a song, prayer teaching, and an amazing Bible lesson and skit. A bunch of the leaders held a parachute over the kids' heads which soon turned into two layers of parachutes and then three when rain kept leaking through! It was nice that our actors' skit costumes (which are made out of dollar store tablecloths) also double as rain ponchos--but everyone was completely soaked by the end of the Bible lesson.

Before we left, Josh and Jeb gave the Gospel to several new kids. Jeb found the registration table for shelter from the rain and our leaders held a kiddie pool over Josh's group! Despite all the distractions, two souls were added to the kingdom of God today--there was definitely a reason we needed to stick around today!

Day Three

We had the most kids yet turn out to be a part of Club, and three of these sweet kids got saved. Praise God! We're learning that our new Bible lesson format helps these kids stay super engaged with what we are teaching! Maddy did an awesome job teaching today's Bible lesson. Several of the kids we hung out with while the older guys played basketball could quote almost word for word what they were learning about the story of Joseph! All the time and effort the team put into learning lessons and practicing skits is paying off.

Day Four

Caleb finished out the story of Joseph, we hung out with these awesome kids, and the guys did an awesome job playing basketball! One little boy gave his life to Jesus. We are so thankful for all the salvations this week--these children are experiencing true hope and all the glory goes to God! Thank you so much for your support of these clubs. Our team can't wait to head to a new location on Monday and flood another neighborhood with God's love and hope!

ICT 2018: last day!

DAY FIVE of Impact Clubs finished yesterday and with that, our summer ministry training camp for this year came to a close. We are so unbelievably proud of this team. We had a practice club yesterday attended by kids from First Baptist and Hope for Kids, and our team hit it out of the park! All their training this week has already started paying off, and we are so excited to head into Springfield with our Impact Clubs program in just two days. Please be praying for the team as they continue to pour themselves into ministry this summer. Check out this year's training camp video and Day Five's photo gallery below!

Impact Clubs Training Day Four!

Day Four was the best day yet at Impact Clubs Training! Some highlights of today: our awesome skit practice (watch it here!),  tons of completed evaluations from our hardworking team, a heart-to-heart testimony time in our Regroup devotions tonight, and watching Joseph: King of Dreams as a team! This team has been put together by the Lord with an amazing purpose for this summer and there is no doubt about that.

Impact Clubs Training Day Three!

Day Three was amazing! It's been so cool seeing this team work together. Our team practice time, lessons, skits, Bible verses, songs, and everything else we've been working on has been coming together so well! Today was jam-packed: a Bible class from Brianna and Josh, teamwork-building obstacle courses in game class, an ultimate frisbee game, tons of completed evaluations for Bible lessons and verse teachings, an incredible dinner from our friends the Hoods, an awesome devotion time with Pastor Matt, and a dance-off! (Keep an eye out for the video at the end of the week for proof!)

Wednesdays can often be a stressful day of ICT, but today was blessed with so much peace and unity within our team. Thank you so much for all of your prayers! Please continue to hold us up as we finish this week strong!