Sponsor Hope is a child-sponsor partnership through pRayer, provisions and finances.

If you are led to sponsor these kids through our ministry, please contact us and donate today!


Most of the children we work with do not have anyone in their lives who prays for them.  They are facing things, at such an early age, that most of us cannot imagine facing at any age. Prayer is possibly the most important support, making the greatest difference in the lives of these children. Individuals and families who will commit to praying with sincerity and regularity are paired up with a Sponsor Hope child.

Financial Provision

We're often made aware of physical needs, such as uniforms for school, food for the family, winter coats, transportation to AWANA programs, etc. If you have an interest in being made aware of these needs in order to assist, please contact us.

This is the epicenter of Hope for Kids Ministries and cross-pollinates into every other initiative HFK has. Join our connection team today by registering as a Hope for Kids volunteer!

Physical provision


A story of hope.

This past Christmas, the Hope for Kids team had a chance to deliver some supplies donated by a sponsor to a family in need. Cameron tells the story:

"We were able to bring those supplies to them last night, and they were incredibly thankful. I prayed for the family before we left, and after I said amen I noticed that the mother was in tears. I could feel the Holy Spirit moving and so I asked if she had a Bible to which she answered no. I went out to my car and grabbed a Bible and then proceeded to tell her that the hope we offer to children just as much for her as well, and I then explained the entire Gospel to her! Through the tears in her eyes she asked God for forgiveness and for Him to bring her to His light. It was incredible! I am now working to get her connected to a volunteer family that attends church in Springfield so that she can get mentored and connected to a church family. Thank YOU for your role in all of this and in having a part to make that happen! We couldn't have done this without you. To God be the glory!"