Connect Hope is the process of building genuine relationships between Hope for Kids events by connecting our volunteers and staff to the children and families we serve.

This is the epicenter of Hope for Kids Ministries and cross-pollinates into every other initiative Hope for Kids has. Join our connection team today by registering as a Hope for Kids volunteer!

Building Relationships is the heart of Hope for Kids.

Connecting with the children of Springfield is the center of everything we do. Check out our video playlists below to see Connect Hope in action and hear personal stories from our families, volunteers and staff!


Hope for Kids has three main goals for outreach: Physical Relief, Spiritual Renewal and Authentic Relationships. Physical relief is tangible and spiritual renewal is intangible, but authentic relationships ties them both together.

Club Hope has given many volunteers the chance to be a part of reaching the kids in the first two ways, but we have been diligently praying that God would open the doors for relationship building with these children outside of a Hope for Kids event. God is answering that prayer!

We are excited to share with you a way that YOU can be a part of relationship building! Mark Danalis, owner of Tommaso’s Ristorante has given us a challenge: take one different Hope for Kids family each week to his restaurant for a meal on the house. He and his family will personally serve them and give them (and the volunteers who bring them) a hot meal while demonstrating the love of God to them.

Are you up for it? Are you a volunteer that has a “favorite” Hope for Kids child? Are you a prayer sponsor who would like a chance to spend time with that child? Do you have a heart to help people and a will to be part of the life of a child or family in need? If so, please contact us!

If this is something that is out of your comfort zone, will you pray? Pray that God would bless Mark, his family, and his restaurant. Pray that God would match just the right volunteers and children together. And pray that God would use this one on one time to draw these precious children to Himself.