Mentor Hope is a self-management and servant-leadership pursuit which is both evangelistic and discipleship-based for kids ages 10 and older. 

This program ultimately leads to our students - Leaders In Training - demonstrating what they have learned by serving younger children with Hope for Kids.

Phase One: Know the Way (age 10-12)

During this phase, Leaders in Training (LITs) are paired up with a mentor who maintains weekly follow-up and accountability with them. This might be an email, text message, social media, note, phone call, or home visit. These weekly connects give accountability for assignments and goals outside of Club Hope and maintain good communication. The 3:1 student-to-mentor ratio maximizes personal and overall growth and development. 

Phase Two: Go the Way (age 13-17)

This phase builds upon Phase One and gives the LIT opportunities to demonstrate what they have learned by serving as Junior Leaders at Hope for Kids events. Leading by example and connecting with the kids they serve is key during this phase.

Phase Three: Show the Way (age 18+)

After completing Phases One and Two, LITs are ready to show others the way. Phase Three concludes our leadership training program and includes a graduation. Hope for Kids recognizes and celebrates the achievement of the Mentor Hope graduate, provides a certificate of completion, and recommends the graduate for a leadership role within Hope for Kids.

Check out this video from ouR combined Club Hope / Mentor Hope event!