Event Hope

a meaningful, action-packed event centered around evangelism and relationship building

How it works: City-wide events

Event Hope brings together families we have connected with from all over the city.  At Event Hope, which takes place on Saturday mornings at the Hope for Kids Den, children from all over Springfield receive a hot meal, attend Christ-centered chapel time, and participate in relationship-building activities.

We would love to see your child at Event Hope this year!  A completed permission slip is required for each child who attends. Contact us by calling or texting (413) 566-6291 to set up transportation.

This Year's Event Hope Dates

October 12, 2019
November 9, 2019
December 14, 2019
January 11, 2020
February 8, 2020
March 14, 2020
April 11, 2020
May 9, 2020

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Note: Event Hope was formerly known as Club Hope and previously took place each month. Club Hope is now taking place weekly as a brand-new after-school program. Check it out here.

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