Hope Happens: Changed

This week’s Hope Happens story is about a little boy who has come to Club Hope since Hope for Kids was founded. This guy was always known for being off the walls crazy and rambunctious, and never wanting to follow the rules! Time after time we had to suspend him from our events because of lack of obeying or following rules. Yet Hope for Kids never lost their love for this child, and continued to invest in home through personal visits, taking he and his family out to eat, and most importantly- prayer. Well, for a few months Hope for Kids lost contact with this family, and didn’t see him at any of their events for a while, when finally, just this past Saturday, he finally came to Club Hope! However, this young boy was a completely different person on the inside. Everyone was shocked at how well behaved and respectful he was. God has a plan for him. A very specific plan. And He is at work in his young life, and through endless prayer and consistent investment, we are lucky enough to witness firsthand just how the hope of Jesus Christ can change a life, no matter how young!