Impact Hope 2017 Recap!

Check out this video to see a summary of HFK's summer ministry: Impact Clubs!

This summer, hope happened in the city of Springfield.

We asked the team to share how this summer of camps affected their own lives. Check out the stories below.

“One part of Impact Clubs that changed my life is: every time a kid would get a Bible they would read a ton of it! It just shows, if they read it, how much more I as a Christian should read it! Just shows how much we need the Bible.” - Andrew
“This summer was life-changing for both me and the many children we reached with the hope of the Gospel. One of my favorite memories took place when I was counseling this adorable ten-year-old girl. When I told this child that Jesus loved and adored her, I remember seeing her face completely light up and a huge smile take over her face. After this girl prayed and received Jesus as her Savior, I saw a whole new hope and joy in her eyes. From then on, she was a completely different girl with joy in her heart and a brand new thirst for God's Word. Seeing this change completely impacted and changed my life in so many ways!!" - Alissa
“Impact Clubs 2017 changed lives. So many amazing memories were made with the children and the team. You could actually see the hope and excitement on the kids' faces as they found out how loved they are.”
- Josh
“Impact Clubs 2017 brought the light of hope into some of the darkest parts of Springfield, MA. Relationships were built, strongholds were broken, lives were changed, and the souls of children were set free with the hope of the Gospel! Praise God!” - Cameron
“So far, this has been the most amazing summer of my life! The team and I have made so many priceless memories! And I have formed some of the most amazing bonds with the awesomest kids ever! And it's been amazing to see God's hand in all of it.” - Caleb
“This summer went by way too fast but I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way or with any other people. God is amazing. He chose to use us - a team of cheeky young adults - to bring hope, light, and joy to kids in heartbreaking circumstances.” - Emily
“Through Impact Clubs I have learned so much. I have learned to love, to look beyond what I see with my eyes, and to ultimately trust that God has everything worked out and it all just depends on His timing. I have met so many sweet friends and even sweeter kids who have all been through so much. It has been a joy being the light of Jesus to a very dark and lonely place!” - Maddy