The Hope for Kids Den

Hope for Kids has been given an incredible gift. Although we have been dreaming that God would make it possible for us to open a building a few years down the road, He has opened the door for Hope for Kids to have our very own building this year. 

A few weeks ago, The Lion's Den, a ministry based out of Indian Orchard in Springfield, contacted Pastor Matt and asked for a meeting. This seemed completely out of the blue, but God had a plan! The Lion's Den has had a presence in the Springfield area for almost twenty years, accomplishing a mission similar to ours as they reached children with the Gospel and built relationships with the kids who were a part of their programs. Now, many of their kids have "aged out" of the Lion's Den's target age group and a lot of their volunteers have moved on. They were ready to pass on their mission, building, supporters, and community connections to a ministry that could pick up where they left off: and they called Hope for Kids.

This new building in the Indian Orchard area brings so many new opportunities for our ministry. God opened this door in His perfect timing and we cannot wait to flood this building with kids who are ready to hear about Him! Please be praying for our team as we begin renovating this building and work through the details of exactly how God would have us use this space. We are so grateful for this incredible gift.