Impact Clubs 2017

We are looking back on these three weeks of clubs with full hearts. Each and every member of the team invested so much energy into these precious kids–from preparing to teach Bible lessons to playing basketball in the hot sun to playing countless games of tag, this was an exhausting month for sure, but it was so worth it. Every single member of the team with remember faces from each and every neighborhood we visited, and the relationships we built with these kids will continue into the school year! Leaving all the friends we had made by the end of each week was definitely sad, but we have the hope of seeing them all again at Club Hope for the entire school year! We are so thankful for all the Lord did through Impact Clubs and the many children who believed in Jesus and were added to His family.

Check out the photo gallery below, and keep an eye out for the IMPACT HOPE 2017 wrap-up video, coming out this week!