Impact Hope: Impact Club Training Camp 2017

At the end of June 2017, twelve teens and young adults went through intensive training in order to share the gospel in the city of Springfield this summer. They camped out at the Currier home for seven days during Impact Club Training (ICT) and learned how to lead all the different parts of an Impact Club--songs, games, missionary stories, and Bible lessons. We had an amazing team this year--they built strong relationships with each other and with the children we reached through the following three weeks of Clubs. Check out the videos below to get a glimpse into this year's training camp!

Watch DAY ONE of our Impact Club Training videos and get to know our ICTers!

On Day Two, we finished Wordless Book training, learned how to teach a Bible verse and started learning about Bible lessons and missions teaching, put dance motions to our theme song, had an amazing lunch donated by Chik-Fil-A, went for a hike up Peaked Mountain during Rec Time, and bonded more as a team.

Check out Day Two's video:

Days Three and Four of Impact Club Training were absolutely jam-packed for our ICTers! They worked extremely hard and knocked out a ton of their teaching evaluations. We’ve had two great lunches donated by Hot Table and Papa John’s, awesome classes and study halls, a super fun time learning the motions to our theme song, and a lot of progress made during Team Practice time.

See a day in the life of an ICTer in Day Three's video:

In Day Four's video, we ask the ICTers for one word to describe their day.

Day Five of Impact Club Training was the last full day of classes for the ICTers! Everyone did a great job and we had a campfire to close out the night.

In Thursday’s video, everyone shared one of the most significant (or funny) things they’ve learned this week.

After a week of pouring hard work into their classes and evaluations, the ICTers got to put a practice club into action. The kids from one of our bus stops in Springfield visited the Currier’s home for games, music, a Bible lesson, and everything else that goes into a real Impact Club!

Check out the club in the video for day six:

This week of training has paid off.

Three weeks of Impact Clubs later, we have reached so many children in the city of Springfield across five different neighborhoods. Read personal stories from the team and see tons of photos from our 2017 Impact Clubs here.