August at Hope for Kids

August was a packed, fruitful month here at Hope for Kids! Check out this month’s video and photo gallery to see Hope for Kids Family Church and our Community Open House in action.

Thank you to all who made our Open House possible—it was a huge success! We also closed out Impact Hope for the year this month—check out our recent Impact Hope recap to see this year’s video and pictures from our August week.

Impact Hope RECAP and Clubs Week Five!

Check out the recap video from this year of Impact Hope!

Here is the photo gallery from our August week of clubs!

June at Hope for Kids

Want to get involved in July at Hope for Kids? Come hang out at Family Church any Sunday at 1pm! We'd love to see you and introduce you to some of our families. If you'd like to bring a meal to church this month, you can sign up here.

Check out some moments from Family Church this month below, and see the full Impact Club Training recap here!

Impact Clubs Training 2019 RECAP

What an incredible week at Impact Clubs Training this year!


On Sunday, twelve teens arrived at First Baptist Church and settled in for what would be an action-packed week. We had six new team members this year and six returning summer missionaries.

Monday was a long day for everyone as we began going through a lot of new material, including an introduction to this year’s Bible lessons centered around the life of Gideon. Our team tried out teaching bible verses, games, songs and more. Kiannah and Hannah did a great job choreographing all three of our club songs this year so the team could start learning the motions!


We also started putting together Day 1 of our Hudson Taylor skit. Each day of the skit is about five minutes long and ends with a cliffhanger! This team is so creative and blew us away with the way they worked together.

Tuesday was when the week started to absolutely fly by. Each teen had a certain number of evaluations they needed to complete during the week. They would study a Bible verse, Bible lesson or the Wordless Book gospel presentation and then teach what they had studied to a staff member. Evaluations can be very intimidating, but this year every team member attacked their evaluations with energy and clarity! Everyone on the team got an evaluation knocked out by Day 2 and we’re so proud of them.

Cam and Jeb put a lot of thought into leading game practice time. Each day of ICT they had a different game set up that required lots of teamwork while incorporating elements of actual game times the ICTers will experience with kids at clubs this summer.

Wednesday came and our Impact Clubs shirts finally arrived! Due to shipping confusion we didn’t have our gold shirts or dark shirts for Days One and Two but by Wednesday we finally had our red shirts.

Fun moments from Wednesday:


We were blessed by God’s people in so many ways this week! Every day a different friend of Hope for Kids brought lunch and dinner for our whole team and our whole kitchen was stocked with food donations for breakfasts and snacks. God provided for us in so many ways!

Pastor Matt taught Regroup devotions every night. We are so thankful for his wisdom and example!

Thursday came and we couldn’t believe we were already nearing the end of the week. More fun game time:

We made so much progress on our skit! We can’t wait to share this with all the kids we will meet this summer.

We had Hope for Kids board member Raquel come out to lead one of our classes. Such a blessing!


Friday was a great day as everyone finished out their evaluations, put on a practice Impact Club incorporating everything they learned this week and graduated from camp. We are so incredibly proud of them. New team members caught on to all the new material so quickly and returning team members tackled this year with more excellence and energy than ever before.

God is going to use these teens in amazing ways this summer, and we are so proud of every one of them. We’ll be heading to this year’s first week of clubs in just a couple days—stay tuned for lots of pictures and updates from Impact Clubs 2019!

Check out this year’s ICT video to see the team in action, and check out this link to see daily photo galleries from this whole week!

May at Hope for Kids

May was an amazing month at Hope for Kids! We wrapped up Club Hope and Event Hope for the year and connected with even more children from the Indian Orchard area. THANK YOU for volunteering at, praying over, and supporting our 2018-2019 events this year.

Learn more about our upcoming summer ministry and how you can help on our Impact Hope page!

April at Hope for Kids

Check out these pictures from Family Church, Event Hope, and Club Hope at the Hope for Kids Den this month!

March 2019 Hope for Kids Highlights

March was a great month at Hope for Kids!

Over the past month, we have hosted eleven events at the Hope for Kids Den! Many children from all over the city came to Club Hope, Event Hope, and Hope for Kids Family Church. Every time they came in, they were welcomed by our volunteers, given a hot meal, and taught about God’s love for them! Thank you so much to the many volunteers who staffed our events, provided delicious meals, and showed up for these kids as the hands and feet of Jesus. We’re in this together!

Check out this month’s recap video to see HFK in action this month!

February at Hope for Kids!

February brought even more children and families into our ministry, and God continues to be so faithful! This month's recap video will update you on all that's been going on this month at Family Church, Event Hope and Club Hope! If you've volunteered at the Den this month, you can probably find yourself in this video! 

Impact Clubs WEEK TWO!

Another incredible week of Impact Clubs! Thank you for all your prayers over this week. We're in this together! This weekend, please be praying for our upcoming week of clubs--this will be our first strategic outreach into the Indian Orchard area near our new building and every family we connect with will likely be brand new to Hope for Kids. God has so much in store for our team and our ministry and we can't wait to see what He will do next week!

Check out this week's photo galleries and daily recaps below.



We had an amazing time reconnecting with a lot of kids we know at this location and meeting some new families. Our team did a great job leading this club despite many distractions and a couple technical difficulties and we are so proud of them! One little girl gave her life to Jesus and all the kids who attended heard about how much God loves them.


Fourteen kids came to hang out with us during club and even more showed up to play basketball and jump rope! This location is another place we have been for several years and yesterday we got to talk to a few parents we've met over the years. These clubs are one of the best ways for Hope for Kids to build credibility with the families as we show up right in their community and show God's love to their children!

Your prayers were answered and there were a lot fewer distractions at this club--although at one point in our club there were firecrackers being set off on one side of the neighborhood and a metal trashcan being hit with a hammer on the other side! 😂We're working with a lot of younger kids at these clubs and their attention spans tend to be a lot shorter, but we serve an awesome God who can work out all the details for the truth of His Word to sink into their little hearts! 

Day Three

Our Day Three club was quite chaotic, but amongst all the distractions, we are praising God for two salvations yesterday, and many more children who heard the Gospel!

Day Four

So many children came out to our club on Day Four--there were about 30 children and parents listening during the Bible lesson and Gospel presentation! God answered our prayers, removing a few of the distractions and drawing so many kids to hear about Him. Our friendships with these sweet kids are continuing to grow and we are so thankful for all God has done. 

Day Five

The final day of Week Two was awesome! This week was definitely a little tougher than the first week for a lot of different reasons, but God is working in this neighborhood. We met so many new kids who can't wait to get connected to Hope for Kids through our weekly church service and our school year programs!