Impact Clubs WEEK THREE!

Week Three of Impact Clubs was a very strategic week of Clubs for Hope for Kids as our location is right across the street from the Hope for Kids Den! Most of the families we met this week will have the chance to walk to HFK Church on Sundays and attend programs throughout the school year, because their close proximity to our building takes away the major issue of finding transportation. On Sunday after this week of clubs we had two new families join us! God is doing some amazing things in Indian Orchard!

Check out the daily photo galleries and recaps below!


Day One


We had 23 kids come out to join us and SEVEN salvations--we are praising God for what He is doing in this neighborhood! Our team did a great job telling the story of Joseph, and most importantly, clearly presenting the Gospel. Many of these kids heard about Jesus for the first time on Monday.

Day Two


After Clubs were cancelled on Tuesday due to thunderstorms and heavy rain, we were so excited to get back into action with DAY TWO on Wednesday! We had a LOT of new kids come out to Club! We are reaching a park this week which means kids from all over the area come out to play and see us on the parachute. We had two more salvations yesterday and we are so thankful to God!

Day Three

Another awesome day of Impact Clubs! It's been a little complicated to keep kids' attention at this week's park, but our Bible lesson was definitely the highlight of this club! Even if some of the kids had wandered away during the beginning of club, when they saw our team getting ready to act out the story, they all flooded to the parachute! One little girl was taking notes during Club and wrote down all the names of the leaders so she could remember us...these kids are just as excited to get to know us as we are to get to know them! Basketball is another highlight of this week of Clubs--Team HFK has been doing great!

Day Four

The last day of Impact Clubs Week Three was awesome! We can’t wait to get to know the kids in this area even better through Hope for Kids Family Church—several families are planning on joining us on Sundays! Thank you for all of your prayers over this week. 💚